Monday, August 27, 2007

Ever had a day like this?


That just made me laugh.

Today, J started kindergarten. Big school. No more daycare. I was fine for drop-off, and he was so excited, I don't think he even knew when I left. LOL I went to the Boo-Hoo Breakfast that the Parent-Teacher Volunteers (PTV) had for parents of kindergarteners, and I was fine. And then I got to the car and just sobbed. I cried because my baby is getting so big, he's not a baby anymore and will just keep on growing. I cried because it was hard seeing all the moms *and* dads there bringing their kids to school, sharing the moment, and here I was all by my lonesome, and that's not how it was supposed to turn out.


And now I'm home. I'm getting a few things done, making more tarts (I've had six orders now! Woo!), getting packages sent out. I'll go pick J up a little earlier than I usually would, but not so early that he'll get the mistaken impression that I'll be there by 3:30 every afternoon. I hope he likes the after-school program. I hope he likes his classmates. I haven't gotten any calls from the school, so I guess that's a good thing.


Christy said...

He's going to be fine, Lisa! Really. And you're going to be fine too.

Nicki said...

What Christy said.... can you remind me I said that tomorrow?

Kelly said...

It's the beginning of a new adventure, Lisa! It's a bit scary at first, but it will be exciting to watch him grow! :)

Sassy Sistah said...

Oh my. Your post brought back a whole bunch of memories!

When my oldest son started kindergarten, I happened to have MANY neighbors and friends whose kids also started school that same day. We all took our kids to school, and then met back at my house for tears, hugs and stories.

It's true that when your child starts school, it's a real turning point - a milestone - but that isn't a bad thing! It just feels like it at that moment.

He's going to need you for the rest of his life - the WAY he needs you just begins to change, little by little. But it never ends.

Raising a child is a great adventure! Enjoy the journey! And treat yourself to something nice and fun too - for making it to this stage! There will be so many more!