Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Bit's first haircut

He's fifteen months old now, almost sixteen (can you believe?!) and we figured it was time for his first haircut. He did pretty well - better than his brother, that's for sure. LOL A few pictures:

So many thoughts, so little time

It seems like I always think of things to blog about, but never manage to actually sit down and write.

For instance, the other day as I was walking to the bus, I saw a slender woman in high heels taking little mincing steps, and I thought she rather reminded me of one of those snooty little dogs that take tiny steps and sort of hold their noses up in the air. Then I thought, so what kind of dog would I be? I think I'd be a St. Bernard - big and fluffy, not necessarily the most beautiful one in the bunch, but reliable and handy to have around in a crisis. :)

What kind of dog would you be?