Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ups and downs

Ups: My goodies are getting good reviews - the October Little Black Box has gone out and November's won't be far behind. Check it out! Hopefully my little business will start to take off here pretty soon.

Downs: Tonight is J's first real trick or treat experience. He's going with K, which makes logical sense, because my neighborhood isn't conducive to trick or treating. The houses are spread out, there are no sidewalks, it's not well lit. K lives in a nice tidy little subdivision with proper sidewalks and the houses close together. I like living in the country, but I know we can't go door to door out here. So, logically, it makes sense that he go with K and have fun trick or treating with his stepsiblings. Emotionally, though, I hate it. It's his first trick or treat, and I won't be there to see it. I'm miserable. I told K to take lots of pictures, and I'm going to go console myself with the biggest cup of chocolate frozen custard that I can buy.


cassee01 said...

hi - you probably don't remember me, I used to read you a long time ago and then I switched jobs but I found my CD with all my favorites and here I am

this probably sounds crazy, but oh well! glad you are doing well

Kelly said...

Hugs to you Lisa! I know it's tough to miss firsts. I hope things turned out okay!!

Lisa said...

Hey Cassee! Long time no see! Do you have a blog now? If you do, I'll have to catch up. :)