Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven

Monica is sponsoring a Making Your Home a Haven challenge at her blog. Her challenge looks like it's for this week only, and my projects are so big, I'm not sure they can be completed in a week! But this is something I'm working diligently on, so I'm playing along.

Today's challenge theme is Tidy. My house has a LOT of stuff that needs tidying, so I'll have to pick just one or two things to tackle this evening when I'm home from work. So this is my evening plan to make something tidy around my house:

~Make sure all the dinner dishes are washed and put away before bedtime - no dishes left in the sink!
~Put up clean laundry.

Between work and homework and just plain old being tired, I reckon those will be sufficient tidy accomplishments for one evening. I've got to start somewhere, right?


AHighandNobleCalling said...

I was a working mom once so I sympathize with you! I think your two goals are very comendable! Rest is important too!

thehomespunheart said...

Yes, starting somewhere is a great thing! I hope your evening was productive and that you'll enjoy waking up to a clean kitchen! :)