Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please vote for Little Miss Hannah's video

Little Miss Hannah - Our Fight against Gaucher's Disease

Of all the posts of mine that I'd hope might be picked up by BlogHer, this tops the list. Please feel free to share it on other blogs, message boards, anywhere it might be seen. Hannah is the daughter of my friends Carrie and Robert. She's not quite two years old, and has been diagnosed with Gaucher's disease, type 2 or 3, a rare genetic metabolic disease that is fatal unless a cure can be found.

Carrie has made a video about Hannah - it's part of the Extraordinary Measures movie quilt:

The winner gets a $10,000 research gift for the charity of their choice. The winner is chosen at random, but the more votes the video gets, the more ...chances it has to be pulled (sort of equate it to a raffle ticket for each vote). If Hannah's video wins, the money will go to continue much-needed research into her condition.

People can vote every day until February 5th. Would you vote? Would you help spread the word and get others to vote? Every little bit helps. Thank you!

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Mrs. Money said...

Voting! She is so precious.