Sunday, March 05, 2006

Long time, no post

Let's see, what all has happened since I last wrote?

Our divorce was final February 28. K signed a waiver of citation and decided not to go to the hearing, and he signed an agreed order, so it was just me at the courthouse. The hearing was set for 9:00. The judge called three cases before mine, two of which were no-shows, and then it was my turn. I basically read the petition into the record, the judge looked over the agreed order, asked me if I was changing my name (I'm not - too used to answering to it, and it would be confusing for J if my name was different from his), signed here, stamped there, and that was it. Divorce granted. I was done by 9:30. Then I went to K's and fixed his computer, and we went to lunch. LOL (He said his girlfriend was a little bothered by the fact that the two of us went to lunch - eh, let her think I'm more dangerous than I really am. LOL)

It's been such a long time coming, I don't really feel any different. One of my girlfriends swore that it would be different when things were actually final, that I'd be more emotional than I expected, but I haven't been. I mean, I grieved the end of my marriage a long time ago - I started that process when K first said he might want to move out. And when your marriage has been over in your heart for months or years, it's hard to grieve any more when it's finally over on paper and in the eyes of the law as well.

So. Now I'm officially single. Woo! That and $4.50 will get you a latte at Starbucks.

I also had a job interview on the same day as the hearing, at 3:30 in the afternoon. It's my third interview for a position with JP Morgan Chase. They keep calling me - there must be something they see that they like, so hopefully the third time will be the charm. I thought it went pretty well - they seemed impressed with my answers to questions, and with the questions I asked. One of my co-workers interviewed the following day (they have two positions, so it's not like we're competing for just the one - hopefully we'll both get hired, and can tell our current job to kiss it at the same time!), and she said my name came up during her interview. Surely that's a good sign? One of the questions in my interview was "how would your teammates describe you?" The first thing I said, jokingly, was that they'd call me the computer goddess, as I'm pretty good with technology and help out several team members who aren't quite so fluent in computer-type things. My co-worker said that came up in her interview, they said I'd mentioned I was good with computers. She told them good doesn't even begin to cover it, and bragged on me. It's good to have good friends, who'll put in a good word for you in their own interview! Anyway, they hope to have people in the positions within three weeks, so they should be making a decision pretty soon. It would be fewer accounts and more money, so I would be exceedingly glad to get this job. Even if it turned out to suck total ass and be just as stressful as where I am now, at least I'd be better compensated for it. (Which would be just in time to pay my bar dues - a handy thing, indeed.) So y'all keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, light a candle, whatever - and hopefully I'll get some good news.

I also got an external hard drive for my computer. K thought his had totally croaked, and once I got it back up, he wanted to get one for himself, to back everything up so if the hard drive ever did crash, he wouldn't lose everything. After he got his, I thought, hmm, perhaps I should do that, too. So I did. I'd be crushed if I lost all my pics of J. Now they're backed up, and as an added security, I think I'll burn them onto CD, too.

Brian came up this weekend. :) It was a good weekend. I like him rather a bit. He brought me a CD that he thought I'd like - Madeleine Peyroux, Careless Love. If you like jazz, check it out. He's got an interview for a job up in this area on March 23. If he got it, that would mean he could move to where he's not quite so far away. I would be thrilled if that worked out. If it doesn't, he's going to keep looking - he likes his current job, but says he's gone about as far as he can there, so he wants to find something else. But if this one worked out, he could move sooner rather than later.

Now for something completely different - random J funnies:

~"I've got bubbles coming out my booty!" (said to his father while he was in the bath)

~"The pizza man is gone. Can I take my pants off now?" (he likes to run around with no pants on, and K told him he had to put his pants on when the pizza guy was on the way, that we didn't run around naked in front of other people)

~"I have to go first. I'll be the hero." (said to K as they were on their way to the kitchen to get milk - he literally pushed K out of the way and got in front of him, so he could be the hero)

He's too much. One minute he'll make me want to bang my head into the nearest wall, and then he'll come out with something like that. Never a dull moment, that's for sure.

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Yooo hooo??/ in here??? Or out there? Hope all is well and you have had osme job leads to share!!