Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So what direction am I going, anyway?

I took the pre-enrollment test for medical transcription certification. The results:

From our review of your skills test and the brief narrative you submitted, we are pleased to report that we believe you have the qualifications needed to enter into the M-TEC training program.

The results of your test were:

Grammar: Excellent!

Punctuation: Excellent!

Proofreading (Spelling): Excellent! (I'm detecting a theme here!)

Required Narrative (Vocabulary and self-expression): Able to express thoughts well. Our job placement rate for our Premier program graduates is 98%, with the majority working in at-home positions (see below). Your test results are superb! You are certainly a wonderful candidate for the program, and the experience you have had with transcribing has you ready to hit the ground running since you have already trained your mind and body to work together in that unique way. Good luck to you on your new journey!

So now I need to decide. Do I enter the program and possibly change my entire life direction? Lord knows the direction it's been headed hasn't been a whole lot of fun. And I know I could do well in the program. As fast as I read and type, I don't think I'd need nearly 18 months to finish it. It's just a fairly big step, since, if I invest the money in it, I want to use it and not have it be just something else I've dabbled in. If I do this, it would be a pretty portable career, and I wouldn't feel so limited to staying where I am(i.e., if Brian is offered a faculty position at Baylor, I could pack up my transcription machine and head south and have a way to contribute to the family income :-D). I know I'd love having the flexibility to do for J without worrying that me taking time for my family was going to hurt me at work. I'd save on gas if/when I got a job working from home. I'd love to be free of corporate America - it makes my head hurt. The biggest questions I can think of are 1) can I make enough money, and 2) can I find a job with benefits? I can save for my own retirement, but I've gotten a bit spoiled to having health and dental insurance, and I don't really relish the thought of paying for that out of pocket.

I guess first I'd have to see if I qualify for financial aid. If I do, then it's decision time. I realize that, at least until I get J on a good sleep schedule (and I will, oh yes, I will), study time would cut into my sleep time a good bit. Perhaps I could hit the books three nights a week and allow for a really good night's sleep two nights a week, and play it by ear on weekends (and try for good sleep on those nights as well).

I suppose this is why they call it a leap of faith. You don't know where something will end up, but you've got to have faith it will work out.



A Mother's Serenity said...

Coming from someone who made the decision to go back to college (finally!) over a yr ago, staying up a few nights a week to study isn't that bad. yeah, you're tired but you know an end is in sight ya know.

I am telling you my friend is a single mom (has been for about 3 yrs) and is a transcriptionist. She makes really good $$$ and has benefits. She lives about 1.5 hrs out of Atlanta and works for a company based in downtown. Its worked well for her needing to be with Abby too. I can say, working from home can be rough sometimes when you HAVE to get something done and your child HAS to tell you something every 5 mins! LOL But, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Lisa said...

Hey, Holly! Good to see you!

The good thing is, J will be school age soon (OK, he is school age - he'll be in kindergarten in the fall). So he won't be here underfoot while I'm trying to get work done. :-) And if I take a couple hours off to go to a school function, then I make it up after he's asleep. Or, as fast as I type, who knows, I might could get done in six hours what others take eight to do. LOL

Does your friend work from home? I was wondering about benefits - it would certainly be preferable to find a job that offers those.

isource said...

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A Mother's Serenity said...

yes, she works from her home and occasionally goes to the main office for things every once in a blue moon. I think for like staff functions or such. I know she has benefits for herself and her daughter is on her hubby's since he is a state employee and it was more cost effective that way for them.

Thankfully Alexis and Ana will both be in school this yr (Alexis in K every day) and I do work at night a lot too. You figure out a schedule that works pretty fast and get into a routine.