Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

It's back! A random collection of thirteen websites I like and/or frequent often.

Thirteen Websites I LikeYOUR NAME

1. Awesome Babies - a small parenting board - if you're a parent or trying to become one, stop by and say hi!
2. Charssi - fudge you eat with a spoon, need I say more? If you want to order, best hurry, they're going on vacation soon for most of the summer.
3. Isle of Eden - yummy bath goodies!
4. Cremoso - reopening June 1, also the home of many yummy bath goodies.
5. Patrician Treasures - MORE bath goodies. I sense a theme here.
6. - like Freecycle for books.
7. - everyone can use a little mindless entertainment.
8. MyHeritage - upload a pic of yourself, see what celebrities you resemble. (I apparently look like Moby, Topher Grace and James Spader - am I sure I'm a girl?! LOL)
9. Recipezaar - my favorite place to find recipes.
10. Craigslist - great to check out for darned near anything.
11. Alibris - if you can't find a book here, it probably can't be found.
12. Jacquie Lawson - for really unique e-cards.
13. Dallas Stars - I just wish we could get past the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. *sigh*

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sasha said...

I will visit your list :)

Happy TT!

Mine's up at

Raggedy said...

We frequent some of the same sites..
Great list..
Happy TT'ing
Mine is up too..