Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All over but the shouting

The interview is done. I guess it went OK. I never can tell! I found out there were five of us interviewed, and I was the last of the five. Not sure if that's good or bad. (I told Brian maybe they were saving the best for last. LOL) I know who two of the other candidates were, don't know the other two, and that's driving me bonkers - I'd like to know, I'm just nosy like that. One of the managers (not mine) commented on how some of her team members had told her they could come to me and ask questions, and they knew I'd take care of whatever the issue was, and I didn't make them feel bad for asking. That's got to count for something, right?

So anyway, now I wait. I hate waiting! I don't know what time frame they're looking at making a decision - as swamped as the two people already in that role are, I'd think it would be fairly soon, but I don't know for sure.

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