Friday, July 16, 2010

Consistency trumps intensity - I'm working on that

Brian found a saying somewhere: "Consistency trumps intensity", and it's true. I'm trying to make that my motto and be consistent with my exercise, even if to some, it wouldn't seem like much of a workout.

Wednesday's workout:

8 one-arm swings with the left arm (x 15 pounds = 120 total pounds lifted)

8 one-arm swings with the right arm (x 15 pounds = 120 total pounds lifted)

8 DARC's (swings switching from the left arm to the right, so 16 alternating one-arm swings x 15 pounds = 240 total pounds lifted)

This workout's total: 480 pounds in 32 swings

Grand total: 1500 pounds in 100 swings

Thursday's workout:

Turkish get-ups - three per side

Short bridges - three sets of four (this is supposed to help strengthen your core muscles and is supposed to help with/help ward off back problems)

Brian and I have a deal - if I get up early to do my workout, he'll get up early to fix me a glass of chocolate milk when I'm done.

And today was a rest day, woo hoo! Tomorrow it's back to swings again.

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