Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Workout updates

Saturday's workout:

Turkish get-ups - four per side

Short bridges - three sets of six

Today's workout:

12 one-arm swings with the left arm (x 15 pounds = 180 total pounds lifted)

12 one-arm swings with the right arm (x 15 pounds = 180 total pounds lifted)

13 DARC's (swings switching from the left arm to the right, so 24 alternating one-arm swings x 15 pounds = 360 total pounds lifted)

This workout's total: 750 pounds in 50 swings

Grand total: 3630 pounds in 242 swings

I'm discovering that getting up early consistently can be a challenge when your kids wake up during the night! Rhys has been working on a molar, and for a few days there, he was up a couple of times a night. There was no way I was dragging myself out of bed early on those mornings - sleep took priority over working out. But the tooth seems to have worked its way in, and for now, he's back to sleeping all night. So I'm back to the workouts on a regular basis!

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