Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The latest

Didn't get the Court of Appeals job - got a neg letter on Saturday. I was pretty disappointed, I'll admit. I moped a good bit on Saturday. But I knew that logically, this meant there was something else, something better, for me. Not that it didn't suck that I wouldn't be getting out of my current job as soon as I'd hoped, but there was a reason why the Court of Appeals job wasn't right for me.

So - reason found? On Monday I happened to look at the district and county attorneys' association website - mind you, I haven't been a prosecutor in eight years, never figured I'd go back. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw that the county where I currently live, the DA's office where I used to work, is looking for an attorney to handle Child Protective Services cases. !!! Ten minutes from my house. More pay. Kicking ass on people who don't do right by their kids. JUST posted on Monday, July 3, the day I saw it and the first work day after I got turned down by the Court of Appeals. A window opening where a door has closed? It was all I could do on Monday not to find some excuse to leave work and go hand-deliver my resume. I've typed up my cover letter and gotten it and my resume sent in tonight. I poured my heart and soul into that letter - it's going to someone I know, and I figured I had nothing to lose by just saying how I really feel rather than sticking to the usual cover-letter-type BS.

In other news - J was up at 6:30 both days over the weekend. UGH. He crashed at 6:00 Sunday night, though - passed right out on the couch. I carried him to bed and put his jammies on, and he rolled over, mumbled something about a book, and was snoring within minutes. He woke up at 4:30 Monday morning, which sucked, but he slept 10 1/2 hours (a lot for him, he must have been tired), and my first thought on seeing the clock when he woke me up was, "Oh, good, at least he made it past 3:00." LOLOL

Last night he slept with me, and neither of us slept too well, I don't think. He woke up at 5:45 this morning and wanted absolutely nothing to do with going back to sleep, so we were both up and crabby. For me, PMS and dead tired is NOT a good combination! He was asleep by 8:00 tonight, though, so again, he was tired. We read books, and he told me to go lay down in my bed. So I did, and I could hear him over the monitor, playing quietly. I must have dozed off, because I woke up a bit before 9:00, and he was snoring - he'd gone to sleep all by himself! Woo!!! (He usually wants me in there with him.)

And a funny. K came over today, and the three of us went to Target. On the way back to the house, we saw a police car hiding up in a parking lot, behind a sign, awaiting an unsuspecting speeder. K said, "Look at him hiding up there, sneaky little bastard." J promptly chimed in from the back seat, "Sneaky little bastard!" LOLOL Yeah, that's what I need, my kid to say "sneaky little bastard" next time I get pulled over for a ticket.

Anyway, I'd better try to get some sleep.

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