Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fret fret, fidget fidget

I'm still waiting to hear from the interview. I made my follow-up call last Friday, and was told they'd finished up interviews, hadn't made a decision yet. This evening I checked the Court's website, and the criminal staff attorney position wasn't posted anymore. It was there last night. So - does this mean they've filled the position? Have they made an offer to someone else? Have they just decided and will be making calls soon (as in, hopefully tomorrow)? They finished up interviews last week (which would presumably mean they'd stopped taking applications) - did someone just fart around and not update the website until today? I don't know, and it's making me nuts! I've consumed rather substantial quantities of alcohol tonight, hoping to settle my mind enough that I can sleep. Staying up stupid late should help, too.

If I get negative news, I may burst into tears. If I don't hear and have to wait all weekend without knowing something, I may just burst. If I get positive news, I'll be bouncing off the walls. Whatever way you look at it, tomorrow isn't shaping up to be a real productive day.


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