Monday, March 24, 2008

The final countdown

Eleven days and counting until my wedding. Four days and counting until Brian moves. How much work do you think I'm getting done? LOL

Brian had his yard sale this weekend. It went pretty well. We sold most of the good stuff by around 10:00, and made over $100. Not bad, considering it was a pretty small sale. We decided we were done at that point, as traffic had slowed considerably, and we boxed up the rest and took it to Goodwill.

Oscar the cat came home with me Saturday evening. She meowed piteously for about a third of the trip home. For the next third, she settled down quietly in the back seat. For the final third, she decided to explore the front seat. Ever try to drive with a cat standing on your arm and looking out the driver's side window? No easy task, that's for sure. I finally got her moved to the passenger side, where she put her feet up on the dashboard and looked out the windshield. I had to laugh - when I was leaving Brian's, Oscar was in the car and I commented that I wondered how long it would be before she tried to climb in the front seat with me. Brian said he was sure she'd stay in the back. Before I could get around and get in the car, Oscar was in the front seat with her paws on the steering wheel. I wished I'd had the camera - she looked like Toonces the driving cat. LOL

J was certainly thrilled to see Oscar when he came home from K's yesterday. She stayed on J's bed for a long time, and every few minutes we had to go check on Oscar and see how she was doing. She even averted a meltdown this morning. J woke up agitating to get on the computer - my response was no, no time for computer on school mornings, we need to get ready for school and if you're on the computer, you're likely to forget everything else I might ask you to do. "I WON'T, I PROMISE, I - oh, hey, look, it's Oscar! Hey, Oscar! Are you hungry? (go feed cat) Did you have a good sleep? I'm going to school today, Oscar, what are you going to do?" Crisis averted. LOL

Really, how long do you think my attention span will be this week? I've got way too much to think about to concentrate on anything for any significant length of time. Come on, Friday!

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Dawn Endres said...

$100. That's great!

This week will go fast. *fingers crossed*