Monday, March 24, 2008


At the suggestion of a fellow blogger who was kind enough to post a comment, I'm looking for crafters' groups in the D/FW area. I've done a couple of online searches and come up with - well, nothing. Not so far, anyway. There is the Dallas Craft Guild, but they appear to offer classes on everything BUT candlemaking or soapmaking. There's a piano tuners' guild, a group for calligraphers (which I have considered joining, as I do calligraphy, but I'm sticking to one hobby at a time for now!), but so far, nothing for chandlers or soapers. ??? But I'm determined. I'll keep looking, because you learn from people who've done this before, and I know there have to be people who've done this before in the Dallas area. I don't know if Bright Blessings will ever be sufficient to be a full-time sole source of income for me, but it can be more than it is right now. Other than my son, it's what I do that I enjoy most, and if I want it to succeed, I have to work at it. So, I'll work. Starting with a few more Google searches to see what comes up.

I also need to make myself a lightbox. I can use that to take vastly improved pictures of my products, as the ones on my website aren't all that. I'll need good photos for my brochures that I'm working on to send out with wholesale orders. And I'm really debating a revamping of my website altogether. I wish I knew more about HTML so I could do it myself, but I may have to spend the money to get a good complete overhaul. It seems a bit overwhelming at times. I really wish I could take a couple of months off work and focus on Bright Blessings, but I can't. Bother. A little at a time, though, and it may eventually fall into place.

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