Sunday, December 21, 2008

My shopping trip to Brookshire's

I'm trying to get into couponing and saving on groceries. I'm nowhere near some of the people whose super deals I've seen, but I think I did pretty well for today's haul.

Two Oscar Mayer Lunchables
Fourteen Michelina frozen entrees (on sale, 2/$3.00 and I had two coupons for $1/5)
Two packages of Oscar Mayer bacon (on sale, 2/$5.00)
One Bob Evans mashed potatoes (coupon for .35/1)
One store brand Velveeta (cheaper than regular Velveeta's sale price)
One box Reese's Puffs (just 'cause we like 'em!)
One liquid Coffee-Mate (coupon for $1/1)
Two six-packs of ready-to-eat Jello (on sale, 2/$5.00)
Four bricks of Philadelphia cream cheese (on sale for $1.19 each and I had two coupons for $1/2)
C&H powdered sugar and C&H brown sugar (on sale, 2/$3, and I had two coupons for .35/1)
One each of Pillsbury frozen biscuits and frozen dinner rolls (on sale, 2/$5.00 and I had two coupons for .50/1)
Two Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (on sale for $1.69 each and I had two coupons for .35/1)
One Community Coffee instant cappucino
Two Pillsbury crescent rolls (on sale for $1.69 each and I had two coupons for .35/1)
One package of crispy onions (coupon for .55/1 and it was a bonus pack!)
Lofthouse frosted cookies
Scott towels (coupon for $1/1)
Two 9-roll packages of Northern bath tissue, mega rolls (on sale 2 for $12.00 and I had two coupons for $1/1)
One magazine
One Airheads Extreme Sour (for Julian)

I also used the $10 off $100 coupon in the Brookshire's circular. My total before taking that $10 off was $108 and change.

Total out of pocket: $86.11.
Total savings per my receipt (coupons and Thank You card, so taking into account the savings on sale items): $57.08, or a total savings of 40%!

Now I know I probably could have done better on some items if I'd shopped somewhere that doubles coupons, and I know Brookshire's may be a little higher generally than some other stores. But it's right close to my house (literally less than five minutes away), and I don't think I did too badly for just starting out on my couponing adventure!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, PLEASE say that you just left out all the fresh produce and lean cuts of meat you bought from this list!!!!! I'm getting a tummyache just reading it!

Lisa said...

I already have a freezer full of meat at home, so my shopping trips seldom include that (I'll stock up again when supplies get low), and on this particular trip, I didn't need the produce. Don't worry, we have plenty of that in our diet, too! LOL A lot of that stuff I bought was for things like lunch at work on days I don't have leftovers handy to grab (the frozen dinners - these are not standard mealtime fare at home!), or for holiday baking and/or holiday company (family will be here part of the time, so we'll have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and the cream cheese and sugars are for baking/gift-giving). Now the frosted cookies? Those, I'll confess, are a weakness here. That's why we don't buy them too often, I could make myself sick eating them! LOL

Anonymous said...

Whew - I buy everything fresh each trip. Invariably it consists of Slimfast bars and cans of Diet Coke with vitamins (breakfast), Lean Cuisines (lunch), and fresh veggies and chicken breast and seafood for dinners. The rule in my house is generally that we eat nothing that has no nutritional value - and my son tries to stretch it - but occasionally I will give in and let him have a cookie or make some microwave popcorn. We don't eat many carbs unless they're whole grain products, and my son has no taste for them anyway. But given our eating habits, most coupons are useless, unless they're for frozen lo-calorie lunches or necessities like toilet paper and cleaning products. Even on frozen veggies for recipes, store brand is generally cheaper than anything with a coupon.