Thursday, February 01, 2007

More snow?!

It snowed Wednesday morning. This is what I saw when I got up:

J tried his darnedest to get out of going to school, and had it been truly bad, I'd have kept him home. But nothing was sticking, and even the sleet that started to fall was melting almost as soon as it hit. He asked me if we were going to school, and when I said yes, he howled, "NOOOOOOOO, Mama, we CAN'T go to school, it's too FROZEN!" Nice try, little man. It was my sick day and I was determined to get to actually rest. Chasing a 4-year-old around would not have been restful.

Well, now it's apparently snowing again. It's snowing in North Dallas and Plano, and they're predicting a wintry mix for tomorrow, saying bridges and overpasses could be icy through midday. Enough already! If I'm still coughing up a lung and there's ice to boot, you'd better bet I'm keeping my happy ass home. Call it a sick day, vacation day, whatever, but I won't be coming to work.

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