Thursday, March 03, 2005

All boy, all the time....

Well, I got to daycare Tuesday afternoon to find that J has his first official shiner. My poor baby. I asked him what happened, and he said, "Collin hit with that dump truck!" I said, "Did Collin hit you with a dump truck?" "Hum (yes)." I said, "Did Collin say he was sorry?" "Hum." I kissed it and said, "Is it better now?" "Hum!" His teacher said it was just an accident, and I know those happen when you've got a room full of 2 1/2-year-olds, no matter how closely you watch them. He has a big bruise under his left eye, and even a purple mark on the bridge of his nose. That Collin must pack a wallop! His teacher said they'd put cold compresses on it, and at one point she asked J if he wanted the cold on it a little longer. His response? "No, it's all better." So no permanent damage done, he just looks rough. K said he's going to get J a shirt that says, "You should see the other kid." LOLOL Even now, a couple of days later, it's pretty ferocious. At first it was just the big bruise under his eye, on his cheekbone, and the bridge of his nose. Now the purple is all the way up under his eye. *SIGH* It's been a little swollen, but is going down now, and he doesn't act like it hurts him. I'm sure this is just the first of many bumps and scrapes and bruises - after all, he is a boy.

And now I'm going to whine about something completely unrelated. Why is it so hard to make friends with some people at work? I've been here almost a year. Our team leader is close to my age and while she isn't an attorney, she has a legal background. One of my other team members is an attorney, and I talk a lot to them both. Another co-worker left a few months ago to take the Texas bar, so she also falls in the female attorney category (there aren't that many of us up here). The co-worker who left is meeting the other two for lunch today. We all work in cubes, so I overheard them talking about it. I mentioned it to my attorney friend, "oh, I hear y'all are going to lunch with so-and-so, how'd she do on the bar, etc." She said yes, they were going to lunch, it would be good to see her and so on. (and here's the whiny part) But not a word was said about the possibility of me joining them. I don't get that. We're all close in age, we have the same kind of background, I know the woman that they're going to lunch with, we're all friends - but I never seem to get lunch invites when they go. I go out to lunch with co-workers, I invite others to go, it's just that I never seem to be asked to go with these two. Given the things we have in common, you'd think it might occur to them to ask me. But no, never. It feels like high school, where there's one little clique you just can't break into, no matter how hard you try. And you might wonder, well, you've got other friends there, Lisa, why is this important to you? Because there are a lot of my friends here who are older than me. These two women are close to my age, one has kids, one wants kids, and we go through a lot of the same stuff. It would be nice for all my work friends not to be 10 or 15 or 20 years older. There, whining over for now. Maybe I'll invite them to lunch sometime, or invite myself if I hear them talking (although that always seems so rude - I'm of the school of thought that if someone was interested in my presence, they'd ask).

I haven't written much the last couple of days because it seems like things have been just rocking along. I'll be doing some cleaning and picking up this weekend - the appraiser comes on Monday to do the appraisal for the home equity loan. Y'all keep your fingers crossed that it goes well! I'm pretty sure that if the loan wasn't going to happen, the loan officer would have said so up front, and wouldn't have required all the paperwork and rigmarole. But still - I'll feel better when it's a done deal, and I have cash in hand and debts paid off.

Now, off to eat something for lunch - I'm hungry!

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