Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Starting off slowly

Today has started off a bit better than yesterday, but not much. J had a little accident last night. Somehow he slipped off my bed and wedged himself between the bed and the nightstand. In the process he scraped his leg, his back and his arm, and since he is my child, there are sure to be bruises (I bruise if the wind blows at me the wrong way! LOL). *SIGH* He screamed, I screamed, and we all had a little fit. I thought he bumped his head, but when I asked him, he said he hadn't. The bruises and scrapes didn't look too bad this morning, but I'm sure they'll darken in a day or so. My poor boy - he needs body armor. I took the precaution of explaining what had happened to his teacher, I didn't want her to think there was any need to call in CPS. :) Poor baby, he got his mama's clumsy gene. I can just about trip over shadows, and apparently so can he.

He woke up twice last night, once at 12:40, soaking wet and with a loaded pair of underpants, and once at 4:20, just screaming. I think he had a bad dream then - he laid right back down after I hugged him, and was asleep by the time I got back with the milk he'd requested. So it's not like he was up a long time on either occasion, but the interrupted sleep just doesn't do me much good.

And the morning battles continue. *SIGH* People say you should get up early, plan extra time into your routine when you're trying to get out of the house with a young child. Yeah, right. I could probably get J up at 5:30 and still not get out of the house until after 7:00. It took ages to get him into the car - everything was "no, no, no". I was just about to pick him up and carry him (a feat that's getting more challenging by the day - what will I do when he figures out that mama picking him up and moving him is an idle threat?!) when he ran out to the garage, ready to go. He left his toys in the truck with no fuss today, and drop-off was much improved, so other than the power struggle to get out of the house and the fact that I was horrifically late (not getting here, I was here by 8:30, just late leaving), it was better than yesterday.

Talked to the loan officer yesterday - she got my paperwork, and it's gone to processing. The appraiser is supposed to call and set up a time to come by. I hope they don't count off for clutter - I'm in the middle of dejunking and trying to organize so much that some things are pretty piled up. I just want it to appraise for at least what I thought it was worth (which was about $20,000 less than the value for property tax purposes - I'm hoping the appraisal comes close to what the tax office says my house is worth!). I'll feel a lot better when it's a done deal. I know if it was going to be turned down, the loan officer would have told me that up front, and it wouldn't have even gotten to the point of filling out all this paperwork and doing an appraisal. But still, I'm nervous, and I'll be less so when it's done and signed and I have cash in hand and only one big payment to make (no more car payment, no more credit cards, woo hoo!!!!).

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