Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another little update

Things have pretty much been rocking along here. Work is work, traffic sucks daily (some days worse than others), and just call me our lady of the perpetually short of cash. Yep, it's a week until payday, and my checking account is overdrawn again. *SIGH* I should think my law degree would be worth more than this.

But in some good news - the appraiser came out on Monday, and the loan processor got in touch with me today to let me know the results. The house appraised for quite a bit more than I was expecting - when I saw the figure in her e-mail, my jaw literally dropped. Let's just say there's more money in the house than I can afford to take out. :-) The house has increased nicely in value since K and I moved here in 1996. I asked the processor to figure the payments for two different, higher loan amounts, so I can see just how much I can afford. Any extra cash I get and put into savings can only be a good thing, as long as it's not more than I can afford. Payments will be a bit higher because of escrow, but I'm just looking at that as my forced savings account for taxes and insurance, and it relieves me of having to scramble for those big chunks of change every year. So I'm hoping this is a sign of more good news to come. The loan should close by the 25th, so I should have cash in hand by the end of the month. Woo hoo!!!

J does funny things every day. I wish I could just videotape every single thing he says and does so I could relive it all, and have some more concrete reference than my often flawed memory. But then I'd miss the real deal, wouldn't I? :-) Yes, there are times I lose patience, and yes, there are times he's strong-willed and obstinate and whiny and occasionally, just downright cantankerous. But he's a sweet, funny, adorable, loving boy who says "Bless you, mama!" when I sneeze and holds my hand when we walk across parking lots. And some of the things he does and says just make me laugh out loud. Tonight I was trying to get him to sleep, and the last couple of nights he's wanted me to rock him (I've cherished these moments, because he doesn't ask to be rocked very often anymore!). Tonight he said, "mama, want rock a baby (rock-a-bye baby)." I said, do you want me to rock you? "Hum." Do you want me to sing rock-a-bye baby? "Hum." So we rocked and I sang, and every time I'd stop, he'd say, "Do again!" So I'd sing some more. This is a novel concept, he usually asks me to *stop* singing! LOL Sweet baby boy. I sure do love him.

And now, I'd better get some sleep.

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