Sunday, October 08, 2006

Scary smart

Maybe everyone sees their child like this. Maybe everyone's child does stuff like this. But my son frightens me sometimes, he's so smart. He only likes the insides of Oreo cookies - he pulls the inside stuff out and tosses the cookie. He'd had eight middles earlier, and asked for more - he'd eaten gobs of good lunch, so I told him he could have three more. After contemplating that for a moment, he ate them and then told me, "Mama, do you know how many cookies I had today?" I said, how many, and he said, "Eleven!" I didn't tell him that.

On the computer today, we were playing with Bob the Builder. He pulled up the e-cards, typed his name where it belonged, typed my name where it belonged, and asked me for help with the e-mail addresses. He was going to send me an e-card! All by himself!

And he's started making fart noises by putting his mouth on his arm and blowing. I know I shouldn't encourage it, but he gets the most earnest look on his face when he does it, like he's trying just as hard as he possibly can, and it's just hilarious. I asked him where he learned that, who taught it to him, and he said, "You, Mama!" I think not. He is so boy.

I find myself occasionally still wanting to hyperventilate about money, but I just have to stop and remind myself that I can't catch up on everything all at once, that I'll just have to do it gradually. On another bright note, K's mom has said they'll pay to have my garage door opener replaced as my early Christmas present. She said they'd worry about me coming home in the dark and not having it able to open. They so rock.

K has something funky going on - he called from the ER this afternoon, and he called this evening saying he'd been admitted to the hospital. When he had mono and strep a few months back, he had this horrible swelling on his jaw. I don't remember what they told him about it then, if they actually treated it or told him it was just part of the mono and he had to wait for it to pass. When he called from the ER, he said it was cellulitis (the same thing I had around my incision area 11 weeks after J was born), and that they were giving him IV antibiotics and doing bloodwork. He called back later to say that they were concerned that it had spread to his neck and wanted to keep him overnight for observation and have him see an ear, nose and throat specialist tomorrow. He said the doctor kept asking him if he was having trouble breathing, which he isn't, so that's good. But yuck, what a not-fun way to spend an evening, huh? I hope he's OK. I told him to call or text message me when he gets the bloodwork results, and I'll check on him tomorrow.

I've accomplished precious little this weekend in terms of cleaning, but hopefully tomorrow will be better since I've got the day off and J will be going to school. J has now told me that I can pick out the toys to give away - hope he's serious, because I'm doing it.

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