Monday, October 23, 2006


This past weekend was Homecoming at Baylor, and Brian and I went. And what a weekend it was!

The game started out pretty slow - fairly crappy, in fact. Baylor scored first, then proceeded to play like a bunch of tiny girls until nearly halfway through the fourth quarter. Kansas led 35-17 at halftime, and Baylor was playing like their hearts just weren't in it - looking ahead to next week's game against Texas A&M, perhaps, or just not in the game. Whatever the reason, they stunk it up pretty badly. The third quarter wasn't looking to be any big improvement, and after a KU interception, the mass exodus began. Baylor fans were leaving in droves. Brian said we could stay or go, either way. I told him not to be silly, that of course we were staying.

And boy, were we glad we did! I don't know what happened, but with 10:38 left to play in the fourth quarter and it beginning to look like the Bears were out of it and we'd take another Homecoming butt-kicking, things started happening. Completed passes and blocks and yardage, oh my, and Baylor had fought back to make the score 35-30 with 4:48 left. Kansas went 3 and out, and Baylor took over on their own 42-yard line. We scored the winning touchdown with 1:08 left, and the remaining fans went wild. Kansas had already used all three of their timeouts, and then challenged the touchdown. I'm not sure that should have been allowed, as they had no timeouts left to lose when they made the challenge, but it was, and the fans were pissed. Didn't matter, though - the touchdown stood, Baylor's defense held for the last couple of plays, and WE WON!!!!

So, it was a huge, huge game. Here's the official story:

Baylor Edges Kansas in Comeback Victory

Baylor came back from being down by 18 points to score three times while keeping KU from scoring at all. We won on Homecoming. We've got a .500 winning percentage at a much later point in the season than we have in recent years. And for the first time ever, we've won three Big XII conference games. I think any team would be foolish to go into a game thinking of Baylor as an easy win, and I think this Saturday's game proved that abundantly. Our offense can score (Shawn Bell passed for 394 yards, and we had two receivers with 100-yard games), our defense can defend, and we can dig ourselves out of a pretty big hole. Anyone out there like to take us for granted? Go ahead. We are no longer the Big XII's whipping boy, so bring it on.

Oh, Aggies - y'all ready for next week? I do believe y'all beat us last year, and I think perhaps some payback is in order.


Tall Cool Drink of Water said...

I sure wish my daughter and I could have seen the last of it. Thanks for the play by play. Did you happen to see the 5 guys dressed up in the 5 gallon cowboy hats and dressed in Texas Long Horn Polo shirts? They didn't stay for long. I wonder why??? Heh. Thanks for the comment.

Lisa said...

I missed those guys. Can't imagine why they didn't stay! I look forward to whipping some UT butt in the not-too-distant future - one of their players made what I considered a fairly snarky comment before the Baylor-UT game, the gist of which was, "oh, maybe in a few years you'll be able to play with the big boys". Pissed me right off. I keep telling people the Bear will have his day, and they keep laughing. We'll see about that!