Thursday, February 02, 2006

And my problem is...

This morning I took J to the pediatrician. Surprise, surprise, he has another sinus infection. He now weighs a whopping 47 pounds.

And he was such a big boy when I dropped him off at daycare! That makes the morning so much easier. In the evenings when I pick him up, he'll tell me he's going to get a drink from the water fountain by himself, that I can go stand out front in the lobby. Then he'll tell me he's going upstairs to get his jacket and blanket by himself, and he will. I don't think I have a baby anymore. *sniffle* Such a big boy.

This afternoon I saw the ENT. He said my underlying problem is allergies (duh). So he recommended three options: 1) add Singulair to my regular allergy meds - he said that will often help people a lot; 2) if the Singulair doesn't help, see an allergist for allergy testing (he didn't recommend this first as he said an allergist would recommend shots, and those can take up to a year to really kick in), and 3) as a last resort, surgery to straighten my deviated septum. That's not a first choice because it would make the sides of my nose equal in width, but I'd still have the allergies. So Singulair it is. If I have to go for allergy tests, I really hope I don't turn out to be allergic to the puppies. But for what it's worth, this crap has gotten worse since December. I really, really hope it's not the puppies.

After the ENT visit, I ran by Target, spent great wodges of cash that I don't have on medicine ($85 for four prescriptions - my Wellbutrin, Allegra and Singulair, and J's Zithromax - good thing my doc gave me a month of samples on my blood pressure meds!) and on stuff to fix dinner for Brian tomorrow night (pork roast in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, broccoli w/lemon butter sauce, and a yummy cake for dessert), and now I'm home. J is finally asleep (yes, it's almost 11:00 at night - can we say can't turn his little brain off?). Now I've got to fold and put away towels, pack J's bag for his visit to the bitty house this weekend, finish my cake, get stuff ready for the crockpot in the morning, put my now-clean sheets on my bed, clean the toilets, unload and reload the dishwasher, and put the ankle-biters to bed (and for what it's worth, they've chewed a hole all the way through their bed). If I'm lucky, I'll be in bed by 1:00. So why the hell am I still on the computer?!

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