Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I got a speeding ticket on my way to work this morning. I was at a stop light, I'd been stuck behind someone poking along (now I know why they were doing that), and I was irritated and late to work. So when the light changed, I hauled ass. Unfortunately, there was a motorcycle cop just up the road, and he pulled me over. I was going 49 in a 30 (I didn't think my car had that much pick-up to it), but he only wrote the ticket for 40 in a 30. He was nice about it, and he told me I could take defensive driving and get it dismissed (which I already knew, but appreciated him telling me all the same). So I can either pay the fine ($175) or take defensive driving ($95 for court costs plus whatever the course costs). Guess I'll be taking defensive driving. At least I can use that to get a discount on my car insurance. But what a way to start off the day, huh?!

I still feel like crap. I almost don't care what the ENT does or recommends, as long as it HELPS. I'm tired of feeling like my head is stuffed with oatmeal. I'm tired of my ears needing to pop. I'm tired of sneezing and sniffling and snotting and coughing. I just want to feel decent again.

I did read something interesting last night. One of my co-workers has also been sick, and she said someone told her that Vitamin C has antihistamine properties. Being of inquisitive mind, I thought I'd look and see for myself. And I found some sites with information that suggests that Vitamin C, at mega-doses, *does* have antihistamine properties. So I may need to go stock up on orange juice and give it a try (although to get the quantities they were talking about, I'd probably have to take a vitamin supplement - either that, or drink a LOT of orange juice). It can't hurt, can it?

We have a training class this afternoon, on tax issues. The way I feel, that sounds like something to put me right to sleep.

Back to work - I have things that must get done since I won't be in the office tomorrow.


Kay said...

Other than diarrhea, too much Vitamin C probably won't hurt. But since the hazing death of a fraternity pledge by drinking too much WATER, I always look up overdose warnings.

Cindi said...

Have you thought about using a Neti pot to irrigate your sinuses? I've had a sinus headache for almost 2 months and just started using one--and it has helped immensely. My doctor said if people would use it once a day forever, they wouldn't get sick nearly as often as they do.
I know the whole thing sounds kind of gross, but it really isn't bad at all and only takes about 2 minutes.

John Howard said...

I saw that thing on Six Feet Under. It was gross.

Lisa said...

Hi Kayten! Good to see you! I'll check out that link you posted. You're right, it's never a bad idea to look.

Cindi, I've never even heard of a Neti pot. If it's gross, I don't know if I want to! LOL Tell me about it, though - you never know, if I keep having this crap long enough, I might be willing to try it.

Cindi said...

People who have never used a Neti Pot do think it's gross---but it works wonders in getting all that gunk out of your head and sinuses. My doctor said to use it every day whether I had sinus problems or not. It basically looks like a small teapot wtih a longer, more narrow spout. You fill it with warm water and use 1/4 tsp of kosher salt in the water. You stick the spout part in one nostril and tip your head sideways over a sink and let about half the pot run through one side to the other. You blow out a little then blow your nose. Then do the other side. Yes, it sounds gross, but it's so much better than being congested all the time. You can get them at a natural foods store.