Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the stinkbombing begin

I decided I couldn't wait until after the puppies were out tomorrow - I had to start cleaning my kitchen floor today. I put them in the puppy yard (which they hate - they cried the whole time) and got after it. I didn't do the all-out cleaning yet, that will be tomorrow. Today I just spot cleaned, swept up all the little pieces of things they've dismantled that had thus far escaped the broom, and gave the floor a once-over with vinegar. Not great, but better.

So tomorrow they go back. I'm disappointed, but I realize after that cleaning and being in there with them that they need to go. I've been coughing and hacking and snotting and sneezing more today than yesterday. And it's still four hours until my next dose of cough syrup. *SIGH*

J and I had a pretty entertaining conversation about the puppies the other day. Here's how it went:

L: J, the puppies are making mama sick. Will you be upset if they go live at someone else's house?
J: No.
L: When you're older, we can put up a fence in the back yard and get a bigger, older dog that can live outside. Would you like that?
J: Yes. (pause) We can get new Bonnie and Clydes. (pause) We can get FIVE Bonnie and Clydes!

Um, no, I think not. At any rate, it sounds like he's going to be OK with the puppies not being here, and I'm glad of that. I think he doesn't like sharing mama's attention with them.

K and I have a hearing date. I called the court coordinator yesterday (I know her, since I used to prosecute in this county - I'll know the judge and the court reporter, and no telling how many people that are there - isn't it great living in a small county? LOL) and it's set for February 28 at 9:00 AM. I'm a little wistful, I guess, because you never think things will end up here when you first get married - you believe in the happily ever after. But I know it's a good thing, and it will be nice to finally have it done - no more limbo, it will be finished.

I thought we were going to a birthday party for one of J's little friends, but he says he doesn't want to go. He wants to go to Target instead. LOL I do need to go, I need some milk, so he may get his wish. As tired as he is, it's probably a good idea to give the party a miss anyway. I just hope he goes to bed early tonight.

I'm debating whether I should get Brian a little bitty something for Valentine's Day. He gave me a little Christmas gift, and I'm toying with the idea. We've been seeing each other since the beginning of November, so about three months. Do you think a little bitty gift would be too much? I don't know what, but something small. He'll be up here next weekend, so I'm looking forward to that.

Let me get off of here and get J's shoes on him - if we're going to Target, I reckon we should go ahead and go. More later!


A Mother's Serenity said...

Maybe make Brian a little cake or something? Decorate it with red sprinkles or the like? Or maybe just some kind of sweet goody? Target had some pretty cute stuff in the V day aisle!!

Hey...whats the 411 on the job opportunity you got wind of???

Lisa said...

I've decided to go with a gift card and homemade cookies. Can't go wrong with that!

As for the job opportunity, the last word I had was from the recruiter - she said that since we kept missing each other (we've been leaving messages back and forth for a week), she's going to send my info on to the hiring manager here in Dallas and let her contact me directly. So far I've heard nothing. So I wait. Grump, grump, fidget, fidget.