Sunday, February 05, 2006

A happy weekend, and I'm still sick

Brian came up Friday and left yesterday evening. It's been a lovely, lovely weekend. My dinner Friday night turned out great - I do so enjoy having an appreciative audience to cook for. On Saturday I went to my parenting class, and Brian went to the bookstore while I was there. After that we went to lunch - Mexican food at Abuelo's. Yu-ummy! And all the spicy stuff helped clear my head a little. Then we went to Barnes and Noble - we found (well, Brian found and shared with me) two little books with retro art in them (if you aren't familiar with this, google Anne Taintor and see what comes up - it's that kind of stuff, pictures from the 50's that look sweet and demure but have some absolutely wicked sayings with them), and we stood there and flipped through them and laughed so hard that I was crying and couldn't breathe. The B&N lady working on that row told us we were having way too much fun. And right after we left (when I was still trying to catch my breath after the laughfest over pithy sayings like, "Watch it, Mr. Testosterone, you can be replaced with a zucchini"), I got a text message from K that said J told him, "I'm scared to pee in the potty, I want to pee in a cup!" (According to K, it was a weekend chock-full of funny sayings.) Then I laughed so hard I thought I was seriously going to hurt myself. Everyone should laugh that hard at least once a week - we'd all be happier.

After B&N we just came back here and hung out for a while. Turned out he didn't have to be back in Waco at 2:00 like he'd thought - he'd misread the calendar, that program isn't until NEXT Saturday!!! So I was very glad, and I'm pretty sure he was, too. When he left, he was already talking about finding someone to cover for the tours he's supposed to do on the 18th - those are just regular tours, not special programs, so hopefully it won't be much of a problem.

And I'll tell you what - if a guy will spend time with me when I'm sneezing and honking and snorting and snotting like I have been, he must think I'm at least a little worthwhile. Bless Brian, neither of us slept Friday night, and not for any fun reason. I woke up I don't know how many times just hacking and coughing. YUCK. But he was always good about it, he'd just rub my back until I could breathe mostly normally again, and then we'd go back to sleep. I do like him, just a little bit.

On the topic of sneezing and snorting and hacking and all - I'm not sure the Singulair is helping. Every once in a while my head will clear up and I can breathe relatively normally. But then I'll snot right back up, and the coughing hasn't subsided at all. I really, really hope I'm not allergic to the puppies. Maybe it just takes a while (as in, more than three days) for the Singulair to really kick in.


onangelwings said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are feeling better.

Lisa said...

Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm not. It's been ongoing since late December, when we got puppies - and I'm afraid I'm allergic to them. I sure hope not, but nothing else has changed. We'll see.