Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I feel like I could just lay down in the floor and sleep. Here's how tired I am: Earlier I went to the bathroom, and I took my glasses off to rub my eyes. I must have closed my eyes and dozed off, because I jerked back to attention when my glasses fell from my hand and clattered on the tile floor. How sad is that, when you fall asleep on the potty! LOL It's one of those days where it feels like it takes more energy than I have just to put two thoughts together. Yuck.

I think part of the reason for the blahs is this job. A lot of jobs have busy times, crunch times, where work just piles up and you can barely stop to take a breath. But most of those jobs also have some ebb and flow, a day or two where things slow down and you can relax and catch up. This job is all flow and no ebb. There are never slow times, the work just keeps coming and coming, and you can never catch up. It's no wonder we all feel so beat down and demoralized most of the time.

I'm feeling mostly better, though, as far as allergy issues go. My head congestion has cleared out a lot, and when it does clog up, I can take care of it by blowing my nose (it doesn't just clog up and stay). I still have the cough, though. And it's still bad enough to wake me up at night, even with the liquid Vicodin cough medicine. I called my doc today to ask for a refill because I've used up almost all of it. I hate the cough. I wish it would go away. It's like when I had the flu - the cough was the last thing to go, and I thought I'd NEVER get rid of it.

I got a nice e-mail from Brian yesterday. No call, because he was working at his second job last night. I imagine we'll talk tonight or tomorrow, especially since he's coming up on Friday. He's making me a surprise for Valentine's Day, and dang it, he won't give me the first hint! I'm just dying to know what it is, but I suppose I'll just have to be patient.

Oh, as far as the puppies being gone - I think J is just fine. Every once in a while he'll ask if the puppies are at our house, but when I say no and remind him that we took them back because they made me sick, he accepts it and goes on without a fuss. When I came home Sunday and got the floor mopped, he was thrilled to be able to run unfettered from the living room to the washroom and back again, all without having to put on his shoes. LOL He likes not having the kitchen gated off, he likes that the floor is no longer nasty and he can go in there barefoot, and I think he likes not having to share my attention anymore. I'm glad he took it well - I would have hated it if it upset him.

And I'm so excited - I'm getting DSL!!! I was on the computer the other morning and I got one of the little pop-ups I occasionally get from AOL, telling me I'm eligible for high speed internet, blah blah blah. I'd always ignored them because every time I checked, high speed internet wasn't available in my area. For some reason, though, I clicked on this one. I was stunned to find out that AT&T now offers DSL where I am! Of course I signed up - we finally got K's DSL up and running, and I'm just jealous of how fast it is. I want mine nownownownownow!

A funny thing: Yesterday I called home to check messages, and there was one from AT&T saying they'd gotten my DSL order, it was being processed, I should have service on the 20th, please call with questions, etc. At the end of the message the guy said, "Thank you for choosing SBC. I mean AT&T. Thank you for choosing AT&T. It's hard getting used to that." (For those of you who don't know, SBC was the phone company here - it recently merged with AT&T.) I laughed out loud. I can see him thinking that, but I wouldn't have expected him to actually say it on a voice mail.

Only an hour and a half left until it's time to go - I think I can make it, I think I can.

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