Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I. Feel. Like. Shit.

Can I please just crawl in a hole, go to sleep and wake up when I'm well?! I feel wretched today. I'm still coughing. I've coughed so much that it now hurts every time I cough or blow my nose (and I do both often) - feels like someone is hitting the side of my head with a hammer. I'm sure my co-workers are good and tired of hearing me snort and snot and hack and sniffle.

I talked to my doctor yesterday evening. She's called in some cough syrup that will knock me out at night (so maybe I can at least get a good night's rest) and something with prednisone. I'm also going to try the Zyrtec for allergies instead of Allegra. Sure, I hope this helps. But I'm tired of trying things hoping they'll help. I want someone to tell me what the hell this is and FIX IT. I can't sleep, I hurt all the time, I can't concentrate at work...the only good thing is, I've lost my voice which gets me off the hook as far as phone time. So I'll pick up the new meds and see if they help. If I don't see a difference and soon, I think I'll refer myself to the allergist. I don't have to have an official referral from my doctor, and dammit, I just want to feel better. And, too, Brian will be coming up the weekend of the 17th - I sneezed and wheezed all over him this past weekend, I don't want to still be doing that in two weeks.

I wish I had someplace I could send the puppies for a few days, so I could try to clean my house and see if it would make a difference. I'm still thinking that's the issue. Hoping not, but thinking it is.


JamDaddy said...

Have you washed the dogs and vacuumed the house?

Lisa said...

I haven't washed the dogs yet (everything I've read on allergies to dogs suggests that you do that outside, so as not to have the dogs in parts of the house where you spend more time or parts of the house with carpet, and right now it's chilly outside), but I have vacuumed.