Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OK, that was odd....

I have my cell phone in my pocket, just like I do every day (well, unless I forget it, like I did yesterday). It's a flip phone, so the keys aren't exposed, and I've never had any buttons inadvertently get pressed with the phone closed (isn't that the point of a flip phone, after all?) Until now. My phone has a camera on it, and as I sat here at my desk, not touching the pocket that my phone is in, not having even opened my phone since I talked to K this morning right after I got to work, I heard the distinctive sound that my phone makes when it's used to take a picture. Huh?! I took it out of my pocket and saw a message on the front screen that said, "Open fold to view image." So I did. And there was an image of the dark inside of my pocket, that my phone apparently took all by its lonesome. I didn't press any buttons, and in all the time I've been carrying my cell phone around in my pocket, this has never happened. What. The. Hell.

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