Tuesday, January 09, 2007

AG's office, take me away....

We had a team meeting today that lasted over an hour and a half, and the sheer volume of work headed our way makes me want to cry. More projects, more phone calls, more, more, more. Also, we found out that our head guy (who's in charge of three centers, including the one where I work) is actually 5 over the total head count allowed by the budget in the three centers - not that he's looking to get rid of anyone or anything, but still, that's not very comforting. Especially when our manager said that he is looking for ways to "come back into compliance" with that number. I had a moment today where I freaked out, thinking, what if I get the AG job and can't handle all the courtroom time, what if I hate it, and on and on. (Don't you love how I give myself the job and convince myself that I hate it all before I've even heard anything?) After the meeting, I thought, screw it, I just want out of here like, yesterday. AG's office, take me away. Just about any job opportunity has got to be better than where I am right now.

No word, obviously, or I'd have posted. And it may be way early to expect to hear anything, but that didn't keep me from being bummed out when I checked my messages and the message that was there turned out to be a hang-up. The thing is, if you get the job, you get a call. I don't know what happens if you don't get the job - you don't get a call, but I don't know for sure if you get a letter. So, I guess I just wait to hear something somehow. Waiting sucks!

Bedtime was horrid last night - J didn't go to sleep until 10:00 or so. I'd hoped tonight would be better. Ha. We read all our books, and then he proceeded to tell me he didn't WANT to go to bed. Then he wanted to come sleep in MY bed. God forgive me, but that makes me nuts - he sleeps in his bed for three or four nights running, just long enough for me to get halfway used to being able to take a bath without worrying about waking him up, or used to maybe reading in bed before I go to sleep, and then blam! He's back in my bed and I can do none of those things, and it vexes me. And then I feel like a horrible mom for being vexed. Even in my bed, he wouldn't settle down. He'd lay down for a minute or two, then sit up and tell me he didn't WANT to sleep. I'd tell him to lay down, we'd repeat the scenario. AARGH!!! I finally fell asleep with him sometime after 10:00 tonight, and now I'm up. Yay! Let the coffee-drinking commence, because I'm sure I'll need it tomorrow.


Liza's Eyeview said...

oh...waiting is so hard, I know.


Lisa said...

And I'm so bad at it! LOL I whine, I grump, I fret, I stress eat. Patience has never been my strong point (even having a child hasn't helped that much!), and waiting for something I really want to hear about takes all I have and then some.

Wait, wait, fidget, fidget - where's that chocolate?

Judy said...

Want some unasked for advice? As long as you let him sleep with you, you won't be able to get into the routine where he sleeps in his own bed and stays there. Just sayin' :-)

Consistency is definitely the key when dealing with preschoolers. Sometimes it's easier in the short run to change things... but in the long run routines (esp. at bedtime) works SO much better.