Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is this my big shoe deal?

I have an INTERVIEW!!! On Monday, 9:45 AM, with the Attorney General's office. The position would be in Fort Worth, so the commute would be comparable to what I'm making now, and I'd be doing child support enforcement. How cool would that be?! Kicking the asses of people who don't do right by their kids - now there's a job I could sink my teeth into. I'm so excited, I can hardly sit still.

And how often do you hear people say, "Is it Monday yet?" LOLOL That's what I'm thinking right now, though. I'm taking the day off from work. I kind of hate using a vacation day so early in the year, but I do what I've gotta do.

Cross your fingers, pray hard, light a candle, put a bug in the ear of the Higher Power of your choice, send good thoughts - any and all positive energy is much appreciated!

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Judy said...

Hi... just scanning your blog :-) Good luck with the interview Monday. I'll be sending happy thoughts your way. I remember what it's like to be a single mom and trying to make ends meet. I hope this job works out for you and can make you breathe a little easier.