Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Isn't this a kick in the teeth?

Looks like Baylor is losing one of its top recruits. G.J. Kinne had verbally committed to Baylor, but is now going back on that commitment and committing to the University of Texas. That's bad enough (as a good Baylor girl, I have no love lost for the Longhorns). But G.J.'s father, Gary Joe Kinne (who played at Baylor back in the day), is a Baylor coach. Talk about adding insult to injury. One of Kinne's high school teammates from Gilmer has also withdrawn his verbal commitment to Baylor.

And the perplexing thing is, UT's got a good quarterback in Colt McCoy, who will likely be the starter for the next three years or so. Sure, they just lost a backup QB, and one of their commitments fell through. But UT has another commitment from a top-rated QB prospect, and a good redshirt freshman QB already on the team. Realistically, what are the odds of G.J. ever starting a game as quarterback at UT? Maybe he sees some possibilities there that the general public doesn't, but it seems to me that playing as the starter for most if not all of your college career, even if your team doesn't win all the time or go to big bowl games, gives you a lot more opportunity to show the NFL what you've got than being the third- or fourth-string quarterback at a nationally ranked school.

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