Thursday, December 15, 2005


My mood is better today - not so much like a little black rain cloud.

My shower is fixed!!!! Yay!!!!! K called around 11:45 to say the plumbers had finished. And they'll send a bill in the mail - I think that's the first time I've ever heard of that, every other person I've had come out has collected on the spot. I'm just glad that tonight I'll be able to scrub that shower and give it a damn good cleaning. And that I won't hear the rushing river in my bathroom anymore. I shudder to think what my water bill will be next month.

And today is one day closer to Friday! I have plans this weekend - Brian will be driving up to see me. We're going to see The Chronicles of Narnia - I've heard it's good, and I love C.S. Lewis, so I'm excited about that. Tomorrow is my late night at work - suck - but at least I've got something fun afterward to look forward to.

As for work - the group that usually answers our incoming calls from the 800 number is out of the office all afternoon for a team-building session. That means we all have to take calls from the 800 number ALL AFTERNOON. That's my idea of hell. I think I've said this before, but there are not enough words in the English language to describe the depth of my dislike for phone time. And to have to do it for four hours - ugh, that just makes my stomach hurt.

J is still sleeping in his room. Granted, he was on the floor of his room last night rather than in his bed, but he was still in his own space and I was in mine. So hopefully that's a trend that will continue.

Now it's off to my afternoon of phone hell. UGH.

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JamDaddy said...

Check with the water company to see if they will give you an adjustment on the bill due to a water leak. Some will and some won't but it is worth checking. The one we had in GA did and the one here in VA does, the one in NJ did not. Good Luck!