Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've stopped making sense

It's official - I'm so tired I'm not making sense anymore. It's all I can do not to lay down on the floor under my desk and go to sleep.

Yes, sleep hell continues. Last night J fought sleep until 10:00 or so, had two rounds of bad dreams (crying/talking/thrashing in his sleep to the point where I had to go in and soothe him, but he didn't wake up), and then woke up at least three times (maybe more, I've lost count). I'm fried. When you fall asleep walking out of the bathroom and run into the wall, that's not a good thing. (Yes, I did that at work this morning - fortunately, no one was around to be entertained by the spectacle.)

This has got to be something beyond just the usual three-year-old desire to put off bedtime. If it were an occasional thing, and just whining over going to bed, I'd chalk it up to his age. But fighting sleep every night when he's so tired he can barely stand up (so it's not like he's caught a second wind and is running around all energized), waking up multiple times every night - there's bound to be more to it than just not wanting to miss something. We have an appointment with his pediatrician on the 27th. Hopefully she can either help us figure out the cause or refer us to a specialist who can help. This isn't good for me or for J - we both need our rest, and we aren't getting it. I hope we can figure something out before I just collapse in a heap.

While we're in Louisiana, with grandparents handy, I'm just going to let them bond with their grandson while I go find a room, close the door and take a much-deserved nap. That would be the best Christmas present I could get, I think.

J's swingset is being put together today. I gave up on the idea of keeping it a secret from him - I just told him Santa came early and one of Santa's helpers would put it together for us. He was good with that! He was so excited this morning, watching all the parts come out of the box. He wanted to go down the "whee" (the slide) right then, and I had a heck of a time convincing him that it wasn't put together yet to where we could! I asked him if he was excited about the swingset. "Yeah." I asked him if he'd ever want to go inside again once it was put together. "No." LOLOLOL

Only an hour and a half to go - let me try to make myself concentrate on work enough to actually get something done.

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Mom of 3 said...

I feel for you. This reminds me of the time when my kids were litle and I had to get up to nurse and I was so exhausted all the time. I had an infant and a 3 year old who wouldn't sleep thru the night. THen his crying would wake up the baby. I worked all week and my husband was gone all weekend at work, so I never had a chance to catch up on my sleep. My aunt, who had 4 children and worked nights, said she went years and years without proper sleep. She just learned to accept being tired.

Don't you wish you could bank extra sleep and then withdraw as you needed? Good luck with the Dr visit, I'm sure it will be helpful in identifying the cause of your son's sleeplessness. I'm sure there isn't a case that a pediatrician hasn't heard yet and can't diagnose.

As much as your frustrated at the lack of sleep, it must be compounded by your worry about what's wrong. Happy holidays and get a lot of rest at your parents.