Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Does coffee come in an IV drip?

Either I'm getting old, or I'm just too sleep-deprived for words. J went to sleep around 9:45 last night (I think), and then he was up at least four times during the night (I think I lost count) - "Mama, come lay down with me." Most of the time he went back to sleep in fairly short order once I came and sat with him (didn't lay down, he wanted to sleep on the floor and there's not enough room for me, him and all his toys), but once or twice he was restless and took a bit to get settled. And then of course I had to pry his little butt out of bed at 7:30 - "no, Mama, I want to lay down!" I said, well, of course you do, you were up half the night! So I'm just fried today.

I've been doing some research on possible allergies that might affect a child's sleep. One thing that seems fairly common is a milk allergy. J is already drinking soy milk, but he does eat a lot of cheese, and he's had a good bit of it in the last few days. I may try cutting cheese out of his diet and seeing if it helps. If not, he has a follow-up with his allergist Jan. 4. I'm going to ask her if we should do allergy tests again to see if anything shows up now (he was tested at 18 months, and he was just too young for anything to show up then). I'll make dietary changes if it means both of us getting a good night's sleep.

The Christmas party at work yesterday was pretty fun. It was nice not to have to worry about answering the phones for half a day. Of course, today we're all being asked to answer incoming calls. Have I mentioned lately that I really hate phone time? Had I wanted to work at a call center, I wouldn't have wasted time and money going to law school.

I talked to K's mom this morning. I know they're going to take it hard when we file. We've always done big Christmas stockings for Christmas morning, and she was saying that K won't like the stuff that's in his. I asked her why not, and she said it was house-type stuff, that as long as he still had the apartment, he might as well have things to go in it. She said she was hoping he'd have been back home by now. She also said that K's grandmother (who'll be there Christmas) doesn't know about the separation - again, she didn't tell her because she was hoping this would have blown over by now. I feel bad knowing that they'll take this hard, because I know they will. I just couldn't tell her right before Christmas that we're going to file. *SIGH* I know, it's not my place to make sure they're happy, but still - they're family, and I hate that this will hurt them.

I'm sure I had other things to write about, but this fog of weariness has driven anything I'd planned to say clean out of my mind.


Kay said...

That's incredibly insensitive of K's family to make those comments to you. Divorce is a stressful enough time without people trying to make you feel badly for something you both obviously feel you need to do. I hope they don't do too much of that around Christmas; it's not your obligation to make them happy and if they can't support the ways you and K need to find happiness, they need a reality check.

Lisa said...

Kayten, I don't think they mean it in an insensitive way or to make me feel bad. I've always gotten along way better with K's family than he did with mine (well, my dad - that's where the real friction lies), and I think his parents are just hurt/disappointed/sad because they (along with a lot of other people we know) always thought we were the "perfect" couple. His parents will always be my family, and I know it's just that they hate to see this happen when K and I seemed like we were made for each other. So that's the spirit in which I'm taking it, not that they don't want us to be happy but that they wish, ideally, that we could be happy together instead of apart. I just don't want the separation to overshadow the joy of spending time with family at Christmas.