Thursday, December 22, 2005

Swingsets and road trips and puppies, oh my!

The swingset is now in the back yard. J loves it. We had to go try it out last night, and this morning the second thing he asked (after asking if we were going to school and having a fit when I told him yes) was, "Can we go outside and go down the whee?" LOLOL So we had to make one trip down the slide before we left. Once it warms up, I seriously don't think he'll ever want to come inside again. I need to shorten the chains on the swings and the trapeze - J is so tall that they don't need to be quite so long. But it was money well spent (spent by K, not me, as I have none) to get it put together - had K and I tried to do it the night of Christmas Eve, after J went to bed, well, that would have just been ugliness.

As an added bonus, the guy who put the swingset together was in the construction business for years, and does all sorts of handywork - painting, plumbing, electrical. I told him I'd have to keep his number, that I'd have all sorts of jobs I'd need his help on!

I may be crazy, but it looks like we're going to get puppies. YIKES! A co-worker forwarded an e-mail to me - someone was looking to sell nine miniature schnauzer/toy terrier mix puppies, and I'm hoping to get two of them. I called the woman who has them for sale - got her voice mail and left a message, so hopefully she'll call me back. I thought two puppies would be better than one, that way they'd have some companionship while I'm at work. I've never had inside dogs before (my pets were always outside), so this will be a new experience. (The good thing is, I'm already used to a small boy having accidents on the carpet, so if a puppy pees on the carpet, it's not the end of the world.) Ye gods, puppies and a three-year-old, have I completely lost my mind? And with puppies and a swingset, J will now want it to be Christmas every day. LOLOL I'll have to get a fence put up now.

And the road trip cometh. We're heading out tomorrow after we're off work - I get off at 2:00, so we'll probably be heading out between 3:00 and 3:30. I think people are confused by the fact that K and I are traveling together. I just talked to my dad, and he asked if K and I were back together. I said no, we're friends, we're J's parents, and we get along well enough to travel together for Christmas, but we're not back together. I hope K's parents aren't getting their hopes up that us traveling together means we may be reconciling, but I'm afraid they may take it that way. I guess it is odd for exes to get along really well, but K and I do. I personally think it's a good thing.

At any rate, we haven't even left yet, and I'm already tired. I have a ton to do tonight, so I sure hope J goes to sleep at a halfway sensible hour. I'd like to color my hair, but if it doesn't get done, well, then, it doesn't.

Sleep. J fought bedtime until about 10:00 last night, but was up only three times. Woo. I actually got a 2 1/2 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep, from 4:00 (the last time I got J back to sleep) to 6:30 (when I quit hitting snooze on my alarm). Woo woo. I'm still tired, but at least I haven't walked into any walls today.

Work to do: Lots. Motivation to do it: Zero.

It's almost my phone time. I'd better log in and take calls - happy happy, joy joy.

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Kay said...

Feel free to disregard my advice, but if you're already strapped for money, one dog, let alone two, is probably not a good idea right now. I had two dogs and the vet and food bills were outrageous. Shots; supplies if you need bowls, crates, etc; kennelling if you go away, illnesses that pop up; etc., are really quite a financial expense. From 1996 to 2004 I spent more than $5000 on two healthy adult dogs who always stayed with friends while we traveled. And since there's no dog insurance, if one suddenly comes up with health problems you need to make the call as to whether to put them to sleep or pay the bills.

Just my two cents. People don't always realize how expensive pets can be, or how the headache of caring for them multiplies with more than one.