Saturday, December 17, 2005


It's been a tiring day. J was home earlier than I'd expected - the original plan was for him to be home around noon, perhaps even a little later. Well, my phone rang just before 10 this morning. J had decided he'd rather go to the big house and see mama than go to Little Gym, so K said they'd be here shortly, after they went back to the apartment and picked up J's things. J was so excited to see me, I could hardly be mad about that. But having not much more than a good night's sleep to myself, combined with the disappointment of last night's plans falling through, has served to put me in a funk most of the day. Not a good day to forget to take my Wellbutrin.

My garage door opener has now started acting up. Great, another thing to fix. I must find a better-paying job, or win the lotto, or both. I'm tired of not being able to fix things that break or pay my bills on time (yeah, and I just thought bankruptcy would solve the problem of too much debt and not enough cash - apparently my current job doesn't even pay enough for me to make ends meet and buy a couple of Christmas gifts, too).

I can't believe we'll be traveling to Louisiana in less than a week. Just thinking about that trip makes me tired, and we haven't even left yet. I'm taking the 27th off, and I am SO looking forward to that mental health day.

I'd better get some sleep. J was snoring by 8:30, and I hope he'll sleep until at least 7:30, but of course I can't count on that.

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