Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ready to face another week? Hardly.

Today has been another day with J in grumpy, whiny, full-throttle three-year-old mode. He woke up twice last night - not for long, just long enough to get me out of bed - and didn't get up for the day until after 7:30, so I thought he might have gotten a pretty good rest. Apparently not. He was a grump from the get-go - he'd freak out and howl over the least little thing. K came over, and several times J told him no, go 'way daddy, I just want mama. And when K was leaving, J wouldn't give him a hug for anything - said he didn't want to. He was fussy like that the rest of the evening, and I'm not sure why. He was asleep before 8:00 tonight - either he's really tired, possibly having a growth spurt, or he's getting sick. I sure hope he's not getting sick, especially not right before our trip to Louisiana.

So the work week ended on a sour note with my plans falling through, and I'm still bummed out over that. I was hoping I'd have heard from Brian today, but I haven't. He doesn't have Internet access at home, so I don't usually hear from him on weekends. Sometimes I do, though, and after things didn't work out for Friday, I was hoping he'd have made the effort to go by the office and write just a little note. Nope. I'm trying not to be bothered much by that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

It looks like we'll be filing for divorce after Christmas. K asked me today if I'd worked on the papers any more. I said I had, and that I'd printed them out. He looked over them, and there weren't any big surprises there. I'm taking the 27th off to rest up after the trip home, and K said that since I'd be off then anyway, we may as well go ahead, finish up the paperwork and file - that way I can do it that day, without having to take any additional time off work (since I'm in the doghouse for that). So before long I'll be on the way to officially being a single woman again. It's kind of an odd thought - not necessarily unpleasant, just odd. I've been married almost 11 years. It's kind of weird thinking I'll no longer be part of a couple. Not necessarily where I envisioned myself 11 years ago, but not necessarily a bad place to be, either.

I'd better get some sleep, just in case J wakes up at 5 tomorrow. I hope not, but you never know.

Monday, ugh. At least we have our Christmas party at work tomorrow, so I only have to work half a day - the second half of the day we'll be playing.


Tuesy said...

Just a question here.. Could your little one have allergies? My son acted like the way you described your son many times until I figured out that since number 1 son had allergies, maybe number 2 son had them too. BINGO! I win the mother of the day award! *L* But honestly, allergies will make them act out, have temper tantrums and just be plain old miserable... and make everyone around them miserable too.
Just a thought...

Lisa said...

Tuesy, it's possible. J has been on allergy meds since he was about 18 months old - he constantly had sinus infections, and he didn't test for anything specific that young, but his allergist put him on Singulair (his snot laughs at Claritin and Zyrtec). He's got a follow-up visit with her in January, and I'm going to ask if she thinks we should retest now. If it is an allergy that can be remedied, I'd be glad to know it!

Lisa said...

And just curious - what were your sons allergic to, and what helped them?