Friday, March 09, 2007

I am so not at work today

Well, today I can keep my positive attitude from home - I went out to the driveway this morning, and my car wouldn't start. I'm pretty sure it's just the battery, and once my battery charger is charged (yeah, what kind of dork am I, to buy a battery charger and not charge it immediately upon getting home), I'll give the car a boost and we'll go get a new battery. This just falls in the category of "it's always something". It's only money, right? *SIGH* I hate having to take off work because I've got so much to do, but it can't be helped. If the car doesn't go, I don't go. J is thrilled that we get to stay home from school. LOL

And if it had to happen, at least it happened at home, after I'd bought a battery charger. I'm not stuck at work. I'm not stuck on the side of I-35 during rush hour. I'm not having to try to find a friend with jumper cables or have my car towed just to get a new battery. I can take care of the problem myself, drive the car to Wal-Mart, and have the new battery put in. So, it could be worse. It is only money, after all.

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