Friday, March 02, 2007

Well, all righty then

I called the attorney in Waco, as time was running out on my refinance (after 30 days, I'd have had to start the process over). He said they really had concerns about the fact that I hadn't practiced in a while (seven years, give or take). Well, you big dumb box of duh, you could see that from my resume - why even bother to give me a call and tell me my resume stood out?!?! I was really irritated that day - I mean, why call me and get my hopes up if my resume clearly shows I'm not what you need? I can respect the fact that they need someone who can hit the ground running - that's their call to make, and no reflection on me if I don't meet those criteria. But why, why, why, when it's something you can clearly see from my resume, did they bother giving me a call if I hadn't been practicing and they need someone who has been? Then he said, "But we haven't made a decision yet." Well, I think they've pretty well decided not to call me for an interview. I was upset and pissy and grumpy at first, but now I'm better. Not great, because I want out of where I am now, but better.

So - the refinance will proceed. My appraisal is on Tuesday. I hope this is a good thing and not one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" things.

J's sleep issues continue. Some nights are worse than others, some bedtimes are easier than others, but none are particularly good. *SIGH* Last night he was awake until 11:00. Not up running around, but awake. Not sleeping. Lying in his bed fidgeting. And then he was up before 7:00 this morning. I'm sorry, whether he needs lots of sleep or a little sleep, eight hours for a boy who doesn't nap can't be sufficient. I did order the Serenite Jr., and it's come in. I'm sending it with J to K's house this weekend, so they can go ahead and try it out. (I did tell K to make sure he sends it back - if it works wonders, I want it here for sure! LOL)

I really had to laugh, though. Last night he was sitting in the floor watching TV, and suddenly he said with a sigh in his voice, "Kids these days." I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing. I said, "What?!" He said, "Kids these days. They just don't watch as much TV as they used to." I roared. He sounded like a little old man, and it was hysterical. I wish I could follow him around with a video camera all the time to record all the funny random things he says and does.

He must be having a growth spurt, because he's been eating me out of house and home. Last night he asked for five sausage links (five!!!), and spaghetti, and ice cream. He didn't get all of that (I told him that was silly, that he couldn't eat that much), so we settled on sausage. He didn't eat five, but he did eat three links. That's a lot. He's been going on like this for about a week. I expect him to wake up one morning six inches taller.

I'm taking today off - I needed a mental health day. Work is absolutely insane. Seriously. I have so much to do, I don't know how I'll get it all done. They've just dumped a new project in our laps that has a pretty strict time limit and takes some huge amount of hours to finish - I'd like to know how exactly we're supposed to do that on top of all our other work and special projects, and why we can't just hire some temp help to get it done and be finished with it. Because that would make too much sense, I guess. At any rate, if I were really good and diligent and dedicated and all that, I'd have worked today. But I figured it was more important that my head not pop off from all the stress, so - mental health day it is.

And it's a Brian weekend! Yay!!! He's only got one tour group at work today, so hopefully he'll be up here earlier than usual.

Now, I've got to get stuff done around here. More later. I'll have to remember to write about the career aptitude test.

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Carrie said...

Sorry it doesnt look like things will work out with the job. I'm sure you're excited about the refi though. Hope the meds work for sleep time! ANd YEAH for a Brian weekend!