Friday, March 16, 2007

Round 2

My car is back in the shop. I have another rental car, rented until Monday at this point. I wrote up a detailed description of how the car has acted, how long it's been between times that it's acted up, how far I drove it, what was going on when the problems happened, everything I could think of, and I gave it to the service technician so they'd have more details. I sincerely hope they can find something out, because I can't keep driving around waiting for my car to give me fits, and waiting for the time it *doesn't* start again in just a few minutes. I called just now - my car is next in line, behind one that came in a couple of days ago and that they just got the parts to finish up. The service tech said he hopes they can find that there's a simple solution to the problem and have it fixed today, although I'm not holding out much hope for that. It's after 3:00 already, and they've already had it for two days trying to diagnose the problem.

I am going to Waco this weekend to see Brian. If my car is fixed today, yay, I can drive it. If not, I'll drive the rental - it's unlimited mileage. If I stayed home, 1) there's no guarantee my car would be fixed tomorrow, and 2) I was supposed to be in St. Louis this weekend with a bunch of my best girlfriends, and I'm missing out on that because of the damned car repairs - I am not about to miss out on seeing my sweetie, too. I'd just sit home and mope and be miserable, and what good would that do anyone?

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Nikole said...

No moping! I hope you get your car back and enjoy your weekend with your honey :)