Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

Have I missed two weeks? Sheesh. I've been feeling a bit dazed and confused lately. Still am, I guess. Work is crazy. It may be tonight or tomorrow before I get to visit people and post links to those who've visited me, but I'll get it done.

Thirteen Things I'd Do If There Were Enough Hours In The Day

1. Put up my clean laundry. I get it washed, but I have a heck of a time getting it put away.
2. Sleep.
3. Maybe wear makeup once in a while. (These days, my desire for 30 more minutes of sleep far outweighs my desire to wear makeup.)
4. Cook better meals. I feel like it's all catch as catch can and more take-out than I care to contemplate.
5. Play more/read more/spend more time with J. Sometimes I worry that I'm not spending enough time with him, that I worry more about getting chores done or getting out the door to get to work than I do about him.
6. Actually mail pictures of J to family, instead of just e-mailing.
7. Write letters to old friends I need to catch up with.
8. Work on my cross-stitch (I don't think I've lifted a needle since J was born).
9. Figure out some way to get the Jolly Rancher sucker that's stuck to my end table unstuck.
10. Clean my carpets. Really clean them, not just halfway do it.
11. Read.
12. Play the piano.
13. Sleep some more.

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Christie said...

great tt!! you are so spot on about the laundry, that's my problem. i do it, but then the clean stuff ends up in piles in my room, only to be used and eventually a big pile full of clean and dirty clothes! argh!! oh if there were more hours in a day. happy tt!

Ingrid said...

tell me about it!!! i wish the same things for myself! :) :) :) Great T13 list for this week!!!

Present Storm said...

lol man, that list wore me out just reading it but I can totally relate. I especially can on the thirty more minutes of sleep thing. It use to be that I would never leave the house, especially go to work without my make up a days sleep overrides that desire as