Thursday, March 15, 2007

On the road again

I have my car back! Yay!!!! It ended up costing $489 instead of the $525 they'd quoted me yesterday. I'll never complain about it costing less. And given the nature of the problem, they had to drain the oil out of my engine and replace it. So I basically got a free oil change thrown in as part of the deal. The car seems to be running fine so far, no issues starting, and the swooshy/sloshy noise is gone. It seems to drive better, too. My opinion of the dealership has gone up immensely - this experience was much better than a couple I'd had several years ago.

I mentioned my concern to K about him being so tired. He got all defensive and said he'd never fallen asleep driving, that he just fell asleep on the couch. Well, yes, but he does that almost every time he's at my house, falls asleep on the couch. And he's always talking about how tired he is. And no one ever plans to fall asleep while driving, that's why it's called an accident. I just want him to know I'm concerned about him - yes, I want J to be safe while driving with him, but I want him to be safe, too.

I'm so glad today is Thursday. Only one more day, and I get to see Brian! No big plans this weekend, it should be pretty low-key. I could use low-key after the insanity that has been work this week.

Closing on my refinance will be Monday morning at 9:00. They'll then have to give me three days to change my mind, so the money should be paid out on Friday. I may not get it until Saturday, though, but at least I know it's on the way.

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Lisa said...

Yay for being so near the end of the refi process!

Glad the car problem was less then originally expected, that's always good!