Monday, May 16, 2005

And so begins another week

It was a decent weekend. J was such a good boy for me on Saturday. I had to go to the post office and to Target, and he told me no, he didn't want to go to the post office. I explained that I needed to go there and he could help me, and when I asked him if he'd be a good boy, he said he would. So he came in at the P.O. with me and was just fascinated by the idea of opening little boxes with little keys and getting stuff out. He wanted me to open all the mailboxes! LOL He helped me carry mail out to the car and was quite pleased with himself. Then we went to Target, and when he started to have a moment, I reminded him he'd said he'd be a good boy and told him what a help it was to mama that he was being so good, and he was fine after that. What a difference it makes not trying to shop with a wailing child - it was actually a nice outing! Of course, he threw a fit when he got home, as if to say, "Mama, I've been good all morning, now I simply MUST have a fit!" LOL

The weekend's big project: putting together the DVD/VHS holder I bought at Target. It wasn't too bad - I got it put together in about half an hour, and didn't even need the electric screwdriver. Just a Phillips screwdriver and a little bit of elbow grease, and ta da! A place to store all of J's DVDs and videos so they don't get stacked up on top of my new TV. Now, the trick is to keep J from pulling them all off and examining them. He's done pretty well with it, although he did keep taking different videos out right at first.

I also got the new TV hooked up, finally. It's GREAT!!!! Such a difference from my old TV, in picture and in sound. And I'm getting rid of the old one through Freecycle - what a great concept that is. It's a mailing list (you can search the site to see if there's one in your area) that lets you offer stuff you'd otherwise be getting rid of to other list members - no money changes hands, you just offer and whoever accepts comes to pick it up. If someone can use what you've got, you get what's junk to you off of your hands, someone else gets something they need, and it keeps a lot of old stuff out of landfills. I think it's a pretty neat concept. So far I've gotten rid of two crapped-out lawnmowers, a boatload of kitchen stuff, and now the TV. Next on the Freecycle list: the old washing machine....

And in keeping with the electronic theme, I also got my iPod! Woo hoo!!!!!!!! I didn't realize just how small it would be - it's pretty tiny. I've downloaded exactly one song to go on it - with dial-up, it takes about 20 minutes to download an average-length song. So I'll download what, one song a day for the next four or five years before I get it filled up? LOL Nah, I'm sure I'll put a lot of music I already have on there, but it is cool to be able to download all those songs I like but wouldn't want to buy a whole album just to have. Now I need a case for the iPod so it doesn't get scratched up. Wonder if there's an adapter that would let me run it through my car CD player? Must find out.

Talked to T on Saturday - we chatted for about an hour. It was a nice conversation. I just enjoy talking to him! No one is in any big rush to meet in person, and right now, that's good with me. It's nice just being able to get to know each other by talking first.

Now, it's time to work - I can't believe it's 10:30 already, where has the morning gone?! More later!

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