Thursday, May 19, 2005

A good day at the office!

Today actually hasn't been bad. I had my review meeting with my manager (it got rescheduled from yesterday) - I'm not the best on the team, but I don't suck. :) I actually manage to do a few things right now and then.

And today has been a good day workwise, too. I've gotten a whopping 28 account reviews done, and I feel VERY good about that. I was thinking I'd have to come in some weekend and catch up on those, but I managed to crank out a bunch to day, and so now I have a little breathing room. Always a good thing.

Tonight is my monthly turn of servitude on the phones - I'll be here until 7:00, praying that the phones don't ring. I hate phone time.

Other good news: got my security system bill caught up and will be getting the alarm system reconnected on Tuesday! Not that I've ever felt unsafe where I am, but you can't be too careful.

So there you have it, a day that's a bit better than average. Kind of nice for a change!

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