Tuesday, May 31, 2005


fair to middling, physically. My throat still hurts, although it no longer feels like I'm swallowing knives. I've been running a fever of about 100, though. YUCK. Come on, Augmentin, do your thing and get rid of this crap for a good long while. I'm tired of being sick every time I turn around.

I must admit to feeling a bit bemused, emotionally. Went out with T on Sunday, and I thought we had a really good time. Yet I've not heard a peep from him since then. ??? I'm pretty terrible at reading things and people, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Maybe it's a perfectly normal thing not to hear, it's only Tuesday, after all. I haven't dated in so long, what do I know? *shrug* So I suppose now I just wait and see if/when I hear.

And right now, I think I'll treat myself to a bowl of ice cream, a big dose of Nyquil, and about three more hours of sleep than I usually get. Good night, y'all!

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