Friday, May 13, 2005


I still feel moderately crappy. I did go to the doctor yesterday - oh, surprise, another sinus infection. Did you know liquid Augmentin tastes pretty nasty? If all liquid antibiotics taste this bad, no wonder J balks at taking them.

Really, not a lot is going on right now. I'm just trying to make it through the work day and waiting for my meds to kick in, so I can start feeling better.


Azalea said...

Hang in there!!! Hugs!!!!

mutts said...

Augmentin has a base that is close in its chemical make-up to soap.
That is why it's horrid!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the hugs, Azalea!

Mutts, that explains the taste, then. Feh, it's pretty awful.

I'm feeling a bit better now - not 100% yet, but well enough to get back to working out. Yay!!!


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