Monday, May 09, 2005

Still here!

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted!

Life is pretty much rocking along. Nothing too major has happened. I deal with almost-3-year-old tantrums on a daily basis - seems like anything can set them off, and running errands is just a delight and a joy. (Note sarcasm.) Seems like J is good for about three minutes at wherever I need to go, and then he goes into combustion mode. *SIGH* It doesn't seem to matter if I run errands early, after work, weeknights, weekends, he just has a fit whenever we have to do something outside of his routine. Please tell me this gets better as he gets older!

Work is work. I'm about half sick today - not sure if it's allergies or a cold or sinuses or what, but I've dragged myself in feeling puny. Blech.

I've gotten back on an eating plan I tried several years ago, Somersizing. Basically it's food combining - you eat proteins/fats separate from carbs (veggies go with either), and there are a few "funky foods" to be avoided altogether. I lost about 38 pounds on it a few years ago, so I know it will help. I didn't have lap-band surgery to have that be just another failed weight-loss effort, so dammit, I WILL get the weight off. I want to lose a little bit before I go back to see my surgeon to have the band adjusted - I'd like to at least get back down to where I was the last time I saw him, maybe then he won't fuss at me quite as much. I started Saturday night, and I'm doing well so far. I must be serious about it, I tossed out an almost-full container of chocolate peanut butter ice cream! LOLOL And I'm going to work out regularly - if the only time I have is after J goes to bed, then that's the time I'll use. Y'all have my permission to ask me regularly how I'm doing, and to kick my butt if I'm not sticking with it. :)

Relationship matters - things are rocking along. An entertaining conversation with K - he's thinking about getting a house in a year or two, which I think is a great thing. I'd love to see him have a place of his own rather than having to rent. He was looking on and found that there are some nice little houses, enough for what he'd want, in the area that would cost less than or about the same as what rent runs. There's the home equity loan on my house, which is considered community property at this point. He'd asked me if I thought that would affect his ability to get a loan, and I said that if there was a court order legally designating the debt as mine, I didn't think it could be used against him. He saw the kinds of houses that are available out there, and he asked (jokingly, I think! LOL), "Hey, can we sign those papers right now?" LOL I'm glad he's thinking of his future, and glad that we get along well enough that we can talk about things and joke about things. And I think if we know there's no chance of patching our marriage up (and at this point, I don't think there is a chance - we'd have started working in that direction by now if we were going to), hey, I'm all for hammering out the details and signing papers sooner rather than later - what purpose would be served in continuing for too long in the limbo of separation?

I've been talking to someone I met on one of the meet-and-greet sites, I'll call him T. We've talked mostly via e-mail, and one phone conversation. It's been fun talking to him, and I like that he's willing to get to know each other through e-mail and telephone calls first, and not necessarily wanting to get together in person right away. Certainly nothing serious right now, just some entertaining conversation and sort of seeing what direction things might go down the road. We'll see!

As for C, ha, he's completely buggered off. You know what? I seriously don't care. If I were to get divorced from K tomorrow and C were to come back interested once I was truly a free woman, I'd tell him to go soak his head. I don't need the misery of someone who apparently has a lot of growing up to do and isn't quite sure what he wants.

There, I think that's it in a nutshell. :) I'll try to update more frequently, and maybe actually get to visit other people occasionally!


Jay said...


Welcome back to the land of blogposting.


Red said...

Yay! Lisa lives! I hate when blog-pals go MIA.

Lisa said...

Thanks, y'all! :) I'll do my best not to go MIA again, or if I do, at least to give early warning. :)


azalea said...

I have missed reading your blog and am so glad you are back. Take good care of yourself!!