Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saying goodbye

Services for my friend Glenda are tomorrow morning at 10 AM. It may be a challenge for me to get there by 10:00, but I know that sometimes you have to work with the times available with the funeral home. So I'm going, and K has said he'll be here at 8:30 to stay with J so I can go. I'm glad he's willing to do that for me.

And here's a little vent. I've e-mailed one of my girlfriends tonight, she and Glenda and I were all friends, and she e-mailed back and said she'd be there tomorrow. In her e-mail, she asked if I'd gotten Chad's e-mail. Um, no. Remember Chad, who I went out with a couple of times way back when and who ran like a scared rabbit? Well, apparently he couldn't even be bothered to send whatever e-mail he sent to those of us who knew Glenda and might be concerned with the details. What a dick! I don't know why it makes me mad, as I don't give a fat crap about him anymore and wouldn't date him if he were the only man on the planet. But what, does he think so little of me, or think that any contact would make me just go nuts over him again, that he can't send me the details of a friend's funeral service?! Asshat. Or perhaps he just assumed someone else would tell me. Either way, asshat.

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