Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The good news and the not-so-good

Well, I don't have mono. My doctor's office called this morning. Apparently I've been exposed to the virus at some point (which they said isn't uncommon), but I don't have an active case of it right now. The nurse said all my other results were normal, but being the little scientific geek I am, I'm asking them to fax my results to me so I can see the numbers for myself. I know different labs consider different ranges "normal", and I want to see exactly what was tested and where exactly the numbers fall. If I keep feeling bad, I'll ask to have my thyroid tested (thanks for the suggestion, Holly!). Today, though, I felt mostly OK, at least from a physical standpoint.

Brian won't make it up here this weekend. He's still coughing and goopy and off-and-on feverish, even after several days of antibiotics. I'm disappointed, but if he's still feeling that bad, then he needs to rest up and get better. But he's promised to make it up to me on the 16th (when I get to go down there and see the new house!), and of course I'll hold him to that. Besides, the time to myself won't be unappreciated - I've got several errands to run, lots of housecleaning that could stand to be done, and I'm going to call one of my girlfriends and see if she's free for dinner. We've been meaning to get together and haven't managed to do it - this seems like the perfect time. I may also rent X-Men 2 and watch it so I'll be caught up when X-Men 3 comes out, and Brian and I can go see that.

And it's a pure miracle - J went to sleep tonight BY HIMSELF. We read books, and I'd put in a brighter nightlight because he'd started telling me a monster was going to get him. After we finished reading, I turned off the big light and he was happy with the new nightlight. He asked me if I could go away, and so I did. He laid in bed rustling around and playing just a little bit for about 25 minutes, got out once to come find me, got back in bed, and was snoring about 20-25 minutes later. Woo!!! This was the first time in I can't remember when that he didn't holler to have me in there right next to him the whole time. Not sure what prompted this burst of independence, but I hope it keeps up. Yes, it's a little sad to think that he's growing up, but late bedtime is a lot easier to take when I don't have to be there on the floor for the 45 minutes it takes him to turn that little brain off and sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I think it's time for me to do just that. More later!

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A Mother's Serenity said...

FYI...usually the Dr's don't do TSH's on people unless they suspect thyroid disrder or there is a history of it. So, if you still feel really tired and all go ahead and ask them to test you for it. For me, that was the whole answer to my weight gain, flu like symptoms, and overwheling tiredness! Hope you get to feeling better!!